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Your personal healing journey

Experience The Ayurvedic Art Of Detoxification, Purification And Rejuvenation Of Body, Mind And Consciousness, Nourishing Every Aspect Of Your Life.

Sundara & Lola cert


From The Source Of All Knowledge

Rediscover Your Connection With Ayurveda, India’s Ancient Healing System Of Body, Mind And Consciousness. Immerse Yourself In The Timeless Wisdom. To Know Ayurveda Is To Know One’s True Self.


Set in the mystical ancient tribal lands of the Nilgiris Mountain range, The Mountain Top Clinic is India’s premier destination for Ayurvedic healing, detoxification, and rejuvenation. In our remote location, rising above the southern plains of India, you will be transported to another world. Take this time to allow your true self to unveil.
For once this is known, it will never be forgotten.
We cater to couples, independent travellers and groups seeking a path to wellbeing.


Be a part of the experience at the Mountain Top Clinic


From The Source Of All Knowledge
We offer certification courses in Ayurveda for those who want to further their understanding of the ancient Indian approaches to health and wellbeing. Come to learn the art of medicine and rediscover the knowledge of life. To know Ayurveda is to know one’s true self.


Your personal healing journey
Your way to natural healing in the Ayurvedic tradition, where in-depth personalized care and individual attention are at the heart of all our detox, rejuvenation & wellness programs. Our highly qualified Ayurveda professionals will create a program specially designed for your individual needs.

Let food be your Medicine

With mindfulness at the core of everything we do at MTC, our food and dining experience is created with the intention to help you live and feel better. We seek out the most healthful vegetarian ingredients in order to highlight where our food comes from and how it fits into the ever-changing seasons.
We are committed to utilizing only locally sourced, naturally grown ingredients, to assemble a diverse assortment of textures and flavors that will please the palate and respect the environment. During your stay with us, we will create a customized dietary regimen of three meals a day that will aid in detoxification and supplement your Panchakarma treatments.

Your Stay With Us

We cater to couples, independent travellers, and groups seeking a path to wellbeing.

At the MTC, we believe in accommodating a limited amount of guests at any one time, in order to make your healing journey a more personal & unique experience.

Our rooms are inviting and comfortable, with natural colors chosen from the surrounding environment to reflect our connection with the indigenous peoples and the surrounding mountaintop landscape.

We are located in the Nilgiri Mountain range, a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Our nature walks and cultural excursions will allow you to explore authentic India and rejuvenate in our pure and unspoiled natural surroundings.